Blank Framed Stretch Canvas Double Primed Set

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3PC Artline Amador Canvas Set

3PC Simpa Blank Framed Stretch Canvas Set Premium Quality Framed Blank Cotton Canvas Double Primed and Individually Shrink Wrapped - Three Sizes per set: 8F 46x38cm - 6F 41x33cm - 5F 35x27cm with wooden wedges. This high-quality 3PC blank canvas set by Simpa is made of 100% cotton and boasts a smooth, finely textured surface, perfect for creating your own signature masterpiece. This set is made up of 3 pre-stretched high quality cotton canvas with wooden wedges. They are ideal for students, beginners and experienced professionals alike. Premium quality 100% Cotton canvas, double primed and treated without the use of acids, adding to their fine texture and durability. Simpa blank canvases have the ideal surface for oil and acrylic painting, gouache and tempera, an essential art accessory. This triple pack set features 3 alternatively sized pre-stretched canvas. These are 8F 46x38cm, 6F 41x33cm & 5F 35x27cm.

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