Funbites 'Peter the Picky Eater' 2 Piece Bite-Sized Food Cutter Set

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FUNBITES-BLUE Triangles743363 x 1

• Move over junk food, picky eaters love FunBites food cutters for kids. They work on a variety of foods, it’s a fruit cutter, veggie cutter, cheese cutter and so much more
• Easy to use for both children and adults just press the cutter piece down and rock back and forth to cut through food then pop out perfect pieces with the matching top so hands stay clean
• More than a sandwich cutter for kids, FunBites transforms pancakes, deli meat, grilled cheese, quesadillas, and burgers into works of art. Bite-sized fun shapes add creativity and joy to every meal, the ultimate fun lunch box accessory
• Use any modelling dough to make fun shapes and imaginative creations. Can be used by toddlers 18 months and over
• Safe and High Quality: BPA free, top-shelf dishwasher safe
• Made of high-performance food-grade material for sharpness and durability


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