Novicura Sound Amplifier - Discreet Lightweight & Comfortable Sound Enhancer

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Sound amplifier

• This is a personal auditory device that helps you to amplify sounds which are closest to you while simultaneously reducing any background noise.
• People who are suffering from simple age-related hearing loss can put this directly into their ear right out-of-the-box and enjoy mild to low amplification.
• It really does offer an opportunity to hear things around you like conversations with friends and family at a much better degree.
• With a simple one switch operation you don't have to fiddle around in order to turn on the device.
• Using a single finger you are able to change the volume to the desired level
• Small, discrete, and ready to wear as soon as you take it out of the box.
• Box includes 1 x Sound Amplifier, 5 alternate sized silicone ear buds, charging docking port and mini USB cord.

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Brands Novicura
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