Bug Hotel & Bird Box (Small)

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small bug house and bird box 5059331118323

• With our Bug Hotel and Birdbox Combo you can provide garden birds and insects with a safe environment to make their home. As well as being functional for wildlife they make great garden ornaments!
• All the materials used are natural and not painted or varnished. The overhanging metal pointed roof creates more space for insects to shelter underneath whilst protecting the structure from rain and moisture giving both homes a longer life
• The internal materials of the bug hotel consist of bamboo, pine cones and natural wood, these fillings attract different types of bugs allowing you to naturally improve the health of plants in your yard by attracting beneficial insects!
• Both houses are easy to install, simply hang them from a branch, wall or fence using the attached hook
• The dimensions of the bug hotel are approximately H29.5 x W24.5 x D8 cm
• The dimensions of the bird house are approximately H23.5 x W17 x D10 cm

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