Bayer Garden Path & Drive Weedkiller Concentrate 50ml or 90ml

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Bayer Garden Path & Drive Weedkiller Concentrate 5215 + 5208

• A new systemic, broad spectrum, residual weed killer that can be used on gravel paths, drives, natural surfaces or permeable surfaces overlaying soil
• It is safe to use around woody ornamental shrubs and trees without harming roots
• Rain fast after 6 hours
• Kills a wide range of annual and perennial garden weeds and prevent new weeds growing back
• Weeds include but not limited to: Willow Herb, Thistles, Dandelions, Deadnettle’s, Plantains, Mayweed, Yarrow, Knotgrass, Groundsel and Crouch Grass
• Choose from 50ml or 90ml varieties
• 50ml treats 111sqm and 90ml treats 200sqm

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