Pyrex Reflections - Large Glass Rectangular Roaster

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Roaster to casserole in one easy movement, the large rectangular roaster features the Reflections signature silicone inserts to the large, easy-grab handles. The top section aligns perfectly and silicone inserts help it lock into place with no slipping or glass-on-glass grinding, plus offset handles allow the lid to be removed quickly and safely. Pyrex is renowned for their glass bakeware. The Pyrex Reflections range uses new technology. It is the first range of borosilicate to incorporate silicone into the glass. Borosilicate glass is the best glass for safe oven cooking. The silicone helps to prevent glass on glass contact and secures two pieces when used together. Each item can be used alone or with another piece to create a lidded roaster and a casserole. Using with lids helps seal in moisture when cooking and prevent oil splashes to keep the oven clean. Large, easy-grab handles for added safety and space-saving stackable design. Safe to use in the oven, dishwasher, microwave, fridge and freezer everyday. Thermal shock resistant to 220C - Straight from the oven to the table, from the table to the refrigerator, from the refrigerator to the oven - Freezer -18C, table 20C, oven 250C and refrigerator 3C. The range also includes a cake dish, oval roaster, rectangular medium roaster and round bowl.

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